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Resin Coasters

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Available in a set or single these resin coasters are a perfect way to keep your coffee, candle and other products.                        

Disclaimer: Color might vary a little

SIZE: 4.5" diameter


FRAGILE: These are not extremely fragile. But still we recommend dropping them from great height.

FIRE RESISTANT: They are NOT fire resistant. Epoxy in nature is not at all fire resistant.

FOOD SAFE: They are a 100% food safe.

WATER RESISTANT: They are a 100% water resistant.

SPILLAGE- In case of a spillage or stain, we recommend wiping them off immediately. Clean with a damp cloth or run through water.

Lastly, these products are not dishwasher or microwave safe. So, we recommend them to be kept away from scrubbing them or putting them in dishwasher or microwave.





Care Instructions

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