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Dune cushion cover

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Our Dune cushion cover is a beautifully crafted piece inspired by the natural hues of the desert. Its color scheme is dominated by various shades of beige, reminiscent of the sandy dunes that stretch for miles across the arid landscape. The design of the cushion cover is simple yet elegant, with subtle details that draw the eye. Its neutral color palette allows it to blend seamlessly with any color scheme, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy switching up their home decor from time to time.

*Inserts not included*




Square 16" X 16"

Care Instructions

Wash by hand in cold water my immersing. Suitable for quick machine wash. Do not place or dry in direct sunlight. Do not use bleach, harsh detergents or high heat. Steam iron for best results.

As this is a hand made product, there may be slight colour and size variations. Plant dye will fade over time, intensity can be prolonged with proper care.

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