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Amber & White velvet cushion covers (Set of 5)

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Amber & White cushion covers with geometric print foil work.

The set of 5 includes 2 amber cushion covers, 2 white cushion covers and 1 amber white cushion cover. The size of the cushion covers is amber (plain velvet), white (foil work velvet) - 16 X 16 inches. Amber & white (plain velvet) is 12 X 16 inches.

Velvet the fabric of the kings adds luxury to your living space.
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Amber (plain velvet) - 16 Inch X 16 Inch
White (foil work velvet) - 16 Inch X 16 Inch
Amber & white (plain velvet) - 12 Inch X 16 Inch

Care Instructions

Spot cleaning. Do not wash. Do not dry clean. Do not iron directly.

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