About Us

Our Story

WholeSquared aims to help customers have a unique shopping experience where you can visualise home decor products in a space and you can style your own spaces like experts. 

Our country is no short of creative individuals making beautiful, handcrafted products. We go to the lengths and breadths of the country to bring you such unique brands and individuals whose products are handcrafted and show expert craftsmanship. We then with the help of our interior designers and stylists, showcase these products via visuals for the customers to get an idea how they would look in a space along with other home decor pieces. 

Our founder

Drashti Shah, is an interior designer by education and profession, and her love for home decor and styling spaces gave birth to this unique marketplace, connecting buyers and brands in a meaningful way. A lot of her friends and family would reach out to get suggestions about buying home decor which would suit their existing design style in their spaces. She realised she could combine the creativity of artisanal brands and her design sense to help customers buy products that would suit their spaces beautifully.

Why WholeSquared, you ask?

It is inspired from couple of ideas, primarily the mathematical formula of (a+b)^2 which is a plus b the whole squared. We aspire to become the whole squared to creative brands and amplify their reach. Along with it, we also aim to present the mood board as the whole square or whole frame so customers can visualise easily.


Thank you for taking time to read this out, this means a lot to us :)