How to style your book shelf. Tips and ideas for an easy makeover

How to style a book shelf

Whether you’re an avid reader or a collector of bestsellers, you’ll want that to reflect on your bookrack. A few simple tips and tricks will help you up your shelfie game and take it from boring to amazing!

Watch the video below for my best suggestions for styling tips or continue reading and get inspired to tackle that bookrack to make it the best feature in your home. 


  • Arranging the books

Lay down all the books that need to be on the bookrack and categorize them as per your choice. Some fun ways to categorize are by the author, genre, or even color of the book cover. Like I am doing here. I arrange different colors on different shelves, creating a rainbow! (Fans of The Home Edit) 


  • Bring in the decor items

Look around your house to find these decor items. We all collect items from our travels and adventures. These items always find their place in the back of the closet and never see the light of the day. Bring them out! I am using a salad bowl, a small planter with a faux plant, and a decorative candle votive. Use these decor pieces alone or even as bookends. 


  • Get in the larger items

If you have big niches and larger shelves on your bookrack, fill them with big sculptural pieces like a huge cement vase that I added to the bottom shelf. This will give you a nice balance between cluster and minimal shelves.


  • Add your personality

If bookrack is going to be a feature piece in your living room, you want to add to your personality to make it a talking point among your guests. I am adding a few board games to the shelves which also becomes a practical solution for storing these games. You can even add photos of family and friends, and little knick-knacks that have personal value to you. Have a personality, Flaunt it!


  • Greens to the rescue

Adding plants will instantly liven up your space and it's also said to have improved the air quality around. You can easily find a big range of unique and affordable pots that you can place your plants in. Use different materials and sizes of pots to add dimension to your shelf. 

I have used this pot from Quaint which looks like cement sacks and gives a uniformity with the larger vase I placed on the bottom shelf. You can always use artificial plants for the same impact if you are not ready to be a plant parent just yet ;)
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Lastly, stand back and analysize. Remove or add items from each shelf to balance the visual. Remember, there are no rules for shelving and bring out your personality through them. 

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 Happy shelf-ing! :)






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